v 1.14 Cost Analysis



Nov 28, 2023

Cost analysis and advanced tables

This release introduces a new section entirely dedicated to cost analysis, along with a new table structure that now includes filters and customizable columns.

The cost analysis section allows you to view the detail of costs for each holding in percentage and absolute value, and to filter data for individual intermediaries or portfolios. In addition, summary data and 5-year cost projections are highlighted, with the ability to calculate the impact excluding holdings without management costs such as stocks.

The new Cost Analysis section is accompanied by a new table that is now more powerful, stable, and customizable. Already integrated into the Container Products section, it is coming soon for Financial Instruments.

Along with this new feature, we have released numerous bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the deletion of investment goals in some cases

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some intermediaries from being displayed

  • Resolved several bugs related to authentication, password reset, and account confirmation

  • Resolved various bugs during checkout and onboarding that could generate errors

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the subscription management page from being displayed to some users

  • Additional minor bugs



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