Here's what's new in Plannix.


Here's what's new in Plannix.


Here's what's new in Plannix.

Jun 4, 2024


We are introducing the new Dollar-Cost Averaging (PAC) section: now you can track and set up PAC for the Plannix model portfolios. Obtain the list of ideal transactions, distribute monthly savings and capital to invest over time, and keep track of your contributions.

Apr 4, 2024


In this version, we introduce the brand new Financial Planning Development and Rebalancing Simulator sections, providing you with even more tools at your disposal to make better financial decisions and keep track of your holdings and investment objectives. We have also introduced the Plannix Model Portfolios updated for 2024.

Mar 24, 2024


This update introduces the brand new educational area on financial planning and the guided Plannix process (Italian only), tutorials, the Explore section, and the Collect Documents feature.

Feb 21, 2024


In the February release, we introduce the new Calculators, Simulators, and Budgeting sections, along with numerous bug fixes, native support for bonds, and improvements in the stability of the connection with checking accounts.

Jan 2, 2024


In this initial release of 2024, we wanted to start the new year with a refreshed UI, faster and more fluid navigation, a new table for financial holdings, and improved widgets and charts.

Nov 28, 2023


v 1.14 Cost Analysis
v 1.14 Cost Analysis
v 1.14 Cost Analysis

This release introduces a new section completely dedicated to cost analysis, along with a new table structure that now integrates customizable filters and columns.

Oct 22, 2023


This release introduces the new Financial Plan section, with the possibility to add investment goals and link them to accounts, portfolios, and investments and monitor their progress over time.

Sep 18, 2023


This release introduces several improvements to the Financial Health section, with the new Financial Health score allowing you to quickly check if there is anything to improve. In addition, we have added a new widget that reminds you of the saving ability and allows you to update income and expenses data.


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