Jan 2, 2024

Navigation, tables, and widgets updated

In this first release of 2024, we wanted to start the new year with a refreshed UI, quicker and smoother navigation, a new table for financial holdings, and enhanced widgets and charts.

New Menu

The navigation has been completely overhauled: The top menu is now more intuitive, simple, and swift, and the page headers have been significantly simplified. You can now also open sections in new tabs.

New Financial Holdings Table

The Financial Holdings section features an entirely redesigned table, utilizing advanced and multiple filters, editable columns, sortable results, search by name, and breakdown by bank.

Revamped Charts

The pie charts are now interactive, clearer, and more user-friendly. We have also introduced a new asset allocation widget that highlights amounts and percentages at a glance.

  • Profile settings have been redesigned and simplified

  • The login session no longer resets too frequently

  • Fixed a bug that gave some incorrect counter-values for currency holdings

  • Added various data to the financial holdings table such as average load exchange rate, last price update, applied exchange, and counter-value in currency

  • Numerous bug fixes

Coming Soon

In the next update, Portfolio Rebalancing will be available, which we are currently working on. We are also striving to improve the stability of balance updates for all account types via SaltEdge.



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