Jun 4, 2024

Savings Plans

We're introducing the new Savings Plan (SP) section: it's now possible to track and set SPs for Plannix model portfolios. Get the list of ideal operations, distribute monthly savings and capital to invest over time, and keep track of your contributions. It is now also possible to choose the playback speed of videos and add subtitles.

Savings Plans

Choose a portfolio that is matched to a Plannix model portfolio, enter the dedicated monthly savings, the contribution frequency, and let Plannix create all the occurrences necessary to keep your Savings Plan under control.

Get the operations to do, divided by broker

Do you have holdings across multiple files? No problem! Plannix will check when you need to perform the operations and will show you the list of holdings to purchase, both for individual savings plans and globally.

Do you have some capital to add to the SP?

If in addition to monthly savings you want to allocate some capital for a gradual market entry, Plannix allows you to calculate the purchases to be made until the capital is fully invested.

Keep track of your monthly contributions

Choose the day to dedicate to the SP and every month mark as completed (or skipped) your contributions, so as to keep track of the actual investment.

Tutorial Area

By popular demand, it is now possible to customize the playback speed of videos! Fans of 2x playback can celebrate 😄

Beta: we have added the possibility to view subtitles (auto-generated) for each lesson. We will improve the quality of the subtitles in the upcoming updates.

Bug Fix & improvements

  • Improved viewing experience on Safari browser and corrected several bugs on charts

  • Enhanced login-logout experience

  • Improved performance of some APIs within the application

  • Resolved some bugs in the Rebalancing section

  • Other minor bug fixes



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