Feb 21, 2024

Simulators, Calculators and Budgeting

In the February release, we introduce the new Calculators, Simulators, and Budgeting sections, in addition to numerous bug fixes, native management of bonds, and improvements in the stability of the connection with checking accounts.

New Budgeting Section (formerly CEP Lixi Plannix)
  • Plan savings, income, and expenses by adding entries and exits by type and category with monthly or annual frequency. Plannix's old Personal Income Statement section has been completely replaced.

  • Added a new setting in the Budgeting page and in the general settings to use income and expense data as a source for all indices and KPI calculations.

  • Coming soon: Custom income and expense categories.

  • During the year, the ability to automatically track income and expenses from connected accounts to ensure alignment with the set budget will also arrive.

New Calculators Section
  • Pension Simulator: Simulate your old-age, disability, incapacity, and survivors' pensions to compare different scenarios.

  • Portfolio Creation Simulator: Simulate the composition of the most famous model portfolios and discover their complete composition.

  • Compound Interest Calculator: Find out how much your capital and savings can grow over time.

  • Financial Independence Calculator: Find out how much money you need to live off your assets according to your desired lifestyle.

  • Many more tools to come: you can suggest yours in the appropriate section!

Goals Section
  • Added new charts that show the distribution by goal and by goal class.

Financial Health Section
  • The "Income and Expenses" widget is now powered by the Budgeting section or income data, depending on the selected setting.

  • Liquidity and Debt KPIs are calculated with Budgeting data or income data, depending on the selected setting.

  • A new page has been added to verify one's profile at a later time in case of an error during the account creation process. The verification code is now sent correctly.

Financial Instruments (Holdings)
  • Improved support for Bonds: they are now correctly supported in addition and in holdings, and it is possible to correctly enter the quantity owned.

  • Improved support for financial instruments in currencies other than Euro, including various bug fixes in calculations and in counterparts.

Connected Accounts (SaltEdge)
  • Improved update frequency and balance reliability: now, depending on the intermediary, the balance can refresh automatically up to 4 times a day. The quality of the connections has been improved.

  • Coming soon: the ability to launch forced deep refreshes to the bank for updated balances.

Bug Fix
  • Many bugs fixed under the hood: if you should notice any errors, please promptly report them to us in chat.

Coming in the next update
  • Rebalancing

  • Explore Section

  • Collect Section

  • Financial Planning Simulation



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