Apr 4, 2024

Develop Plan, Rebalancing and Model Portfolios 2023

In this version, the brand new sections Develop Financial Plan and the Rebalancing Simulator have arrived, providing you even more tools at your disposal for making better financial decisions and keeping your portfolios and investment goals under control. 

We have also introduced the all-new Plannix Model Portfolios updated for 2024.

Develop Plan

The new Develop section allows you to create guided financial plans, add financial goals, and test different combinations until you find the best resource allocation for you. 

  • Create multiple financial plans, until you find the best combination of resources and goals for you

  • Assign a combination of capital and savings to each plan to distribute it among the various goals

  • Note which resources you will use for each goal

  • Receive dynamic feedback on Saving and Investment Goals to understand the feasibility of your plan

  • For each goal, you can choose between assigning an existing holding, a model portfolio, or simply noting how you intend to achieve it


We have released one of the most awaited features of the year: with this simulator you can finally return each portfolio to the desired asset allocation. Plannix will automatically calculate the ideal transactions to be made. Compared to the past, you can now opt for dynamic rebalancing, without sales!

PS: if you notice any kind of anomaly or have a doubt about how to proceed, please contact us to report your case.

  • Choose the starting portfolio and the model portfolio to rebalance to

  • Decide how much capital to dedicate to the operation

  • Choose between rebalancing with or without sales (more fiscally efficient)

  • Rebalance across dozens of model portfolios, including the new ones for 2024

  • Check the ideal amount required to rebalance without sales

Portfolio Update

After much anticipation, the Plannix Investment Committee has made some changes to the model portfolios to make them the best possible in light of an ever-evolving macroeconomic context. Now they are finally available!

We suggest you watch the dedicated videos in Develop and Execute to learn more about their composition!

  • Released the new Plannix Model Portfolios 2024, available in Rebalancing and in the Portfolio Creation tool

  • Added two new types of Model Portfolio (0 and 100), also in Mini variant

  • Optimization of the Asset Allocation

  • Review of selected ETFs with updated criteria

PS: If you purchased Plannix before March 10 and/or had already set up the old portfolios, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed to possibly migrate to the new portfolios.

Educational Area

  • Fully released the modules Develop and Execute



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