Mar 24, 2024

Training Area, Tutorial, Explore Section and Collect Documents

This update introduces the brand-new educational area on financial planning and the Plannix guided process, tutorials, the Explore section, and Document Collection. Plannix is available to the public and this is the first launch release!

Education Area

  • 30 training videos on markets, financial economic context, financial planning, investing for objectives, scenarios, model portfolios and simulators. Everything you need to make the most of Plannix, learn a process and apply it through the platform.

  • Tutorial Area: practical videos to learn how to use Plannix's individual features such as adding a transaction, moving holdings from one portfolio to another, or creating goals. The tutorials are constantly updated.

Explore Section

  • New section dedicated to tests, questionnaires, and exercises to better define investment goals. In this release, the 3 Kinder questions are available along with the Why Exercise, to be applied, saved, and updated over time.

Document Collection Section

  • Uncheck the list of all the documents you need to set up your financial plan. Note where the files are located and easily add new documents. (Secure file upload coming soon directly on the platform)

Bug Fixes

  • Improved stability of connections with SaltEdge

  • Fixed a bug that displayed incorrect currency in budgeting for some users

  • Fixed a display bug that could occur with empty portfolios

  • Added several previously unlisted holdings (PS: if you can't find an ISIN on the platform, you can report it in the chat!)

  • Other minor bug fixes

Coming Soon

Financial Plan Development, Rebalancing and Model Portfolio Updates Section.



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